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Sanzo [userpic]
Some oekaki doodles
by Sanzo (renegade_sanzo)
at January 22nd, 2010 (05:28 am)
Listening to: Slipknot?

Doodles done over at Zombie Jamboree. Maybe someday I'll get better at using the tablet. Guess I'm old fashioned and prefer paper.

My username on the oekaki is Sanzo (naturally).

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Sanzo [userpic]
by Sanzo (renegade_sanzo)
at January 17th, 2010 (03:50 am)

Where am I?: mah cave
Feeling: lazy
Listening to: daft punk

So I was drawing earlier when I found myself thinking of Valentines Day themed ideas. Maybe we should have a Valentines event on here since we've been reviving the place. What do you all say?

Probably nothing like a contest or anything since there's not that many members, but maybe we can contribute in our own way. Discuss~

(I'm starting school again soon and I'm already trying to draw some Valentine themed Maomaz ahead of time. XD;; I know I'm going to be super busy this semester.)

Sanzo [userpic]
Manga icon dump
by Sanzo (renegade_sanzo)
at January 15th, 2010 (09:22 am)

Feeling: awake

Made some more LJ icons (100x100), this time from the Disgaea 3 manga. If you're interested in the manga, then head on over here. It's still in Japanese and hardly has 4 chapters.

TOTAL - 26

Almaz x 09
Mao x 12
Maomaz x 05


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Sanzo [userpic]
Some icons
by Sanzo (renegade_sanzo)
at January 13th, 2010 (02:41 am)

I made some LJ (100x100) icons.

Almaz x 09
Mao x 07
Maomaz x 01


the rest under the cut.Collapse )

Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess)) [userpic]
by Dr. Spencer Reid? ((AKA Cosplay Princess)) (cosplayprincess)
at January 12th, 2010 (04:20 am)

Feeling: YAY!
Listening to: Yu Yu Hakusho Opening - Smile Bomb

LIFE! It has awoken this community! I'm so happy that I stopped being lazy and photoshopped one of my MaoMaz sketches I'd been working on. :3 I plan on drawing a doujinshi for MaoMaz hopefully. Hope you like the art!

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Interweb Hero [userpic]
Fan Art
by Interweb Hero (almaz_adamant)
at January 12th, 2010 (01:14 am)

Feeling: drained
Listening to: Queen

>_> so here's the fan art I finally finished. I hope that everyone likes it.

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Sanzo [userpic]
Intro + Fanart <3
by Sanzo (renegade_sanzo)
at January 12th, 2010 (03:00 am)

Thanks to almaz_adamant for showing me this community. P:

1. Name: Sanzo
2. Age: 23
3. Reason for loving the couple? Finally, a yaoi flavored Disgaea pairing!
4. Do you write fanfiction or Draw Fanart? (If so tell me ur FF url and DA url)I mostly do fanart.
5. Say something here: almaz_adamant and I want to exploit this pairing like whoa. We're planning to cosplay as Mao and Almaz and I'm wanting to put together a dating sim style game. XD;;

Artist: renegade_sanzo
Pairing: Mao/Almaz, worksafe
Summary: The boys just lounging.

Artist: renegade_sanzo
Pairing: None, just Mao (worksafe)
Summary: Mao with Almaz's scarf

Art under the cut.Collapse )

Interweb Hero [userpic]
by Interweb Hero (almaz_adamant)
at January 10th, 2010 (09:38 pm)

Feeling: cheerful
Listening to: iTunes on Shuffle

1. Name:Gojyo
2. Age: 26
3. Reason for loving the couple? Why wouldn't I? It's such an obvious pairing in the game XD;
4. Do you write fanfiction or Draw Fanart? Working on some fan art right now, I'll probably post it here after I'm done : D
5. Say something here: I just wanted to join this community since I can't find anything else to do with this pairing. Also more people need to bring this place back to life ;-;

by _ (iori_sempai)
at March 16th, 2009 (09:44 pm)


1. Name: Iori

2. Age: 17

3. Reason for loving the couple? Because it's like the first trufax male friendship we've ever gotten in Disgaea-- two guys? Two guys who actually know each other?! WHAT'S THIS? THEY EVEN HAVE A FAIRLY NICE RELATIONSHIP ALSO!? I happen to be a terrible yaoi fan who instantly slashes people together, so I was really happy when MaoMaz seemed so darn plausible. I mean, Sapphire's around and Almaz digs her, but it's also true that he and Mao like omgmatter to each other.

4. Do you write fanfiction or Draw Fanart? I WILL SHARE MY FANFICS BELOW

5. Say something here: I LIKE TO TALK IN CAPS AND ALSO ENJOY PI/E. I apologize in advance.

Anyway I enjoy Mao/Almaz obviously and have written a bit of fic.

Title: 50 Sentences
Pairing: Almaz x Mao
Rating: PG/-13
Warning[s]: Spoilers for most of the game and Almaz Ending!
Summary: Written for 1sentence. Snippets in Almaz and Mao's life, after the game is over.

Title: Tutoring an Overlord: A Series!?!?
Pairing: Eventual Almaz x Mao
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for the whole game.
Summary: Based on the Almaz Ending. The new Overlord has been decreed, and he's completely hopeless-- it's blindingly obvious that he's gotta learn the ropes. Through lessons, vexation, and awkward moments, will Almaz and Mao find understanding and most of all, love!? Even I haven't plotted that far out yet.
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3


Kinata Rin (Dark Savior) [userpic]
Welcome :D
by Kinata Rin (Dark Savior) (lp_slash_queen)
at February 12th, 2009 (11:42 am)

Feeling: YAY!

Welcome to the first Disgaea 3 Mao/Almaz communtity. I was surprise to see it didn't exist, the couple is so great. :D But enough of me rambling about the couple. As stated in the rules new memebers who want to post must first introduce themselves.

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Reason for loving the couple?

4. Do you write fanfiction or Draw Fanart? (If so tell me ur FF url and DA url)

5. Say something here:


I can't wait to see want you all have in store for this communtity. I shall be writing fanfiction and drawing fanart as well. Can't wait! ^-^

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